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UMO School of Physical Arts

UMO School of Physical Arts FALL 2017

12 week session Sept 18 thru Dec 15!

No classes week of Thanksgiving.

PLEASE NOTE!  During Open Space renovation/construction, some classes may be held elsewhere; you will be notified of location regarding your class selection.

4pm     Aerial Intro A (age 8+) Kathy - new students welcome!                                             
5pm     Aerial Intro B1 (age 8+) Ongoing class, by permission, Kathy                                   
4pm     Story to Stage (age 10-16) Learn the craft of writing, shaping and bringing your story to stage in UMO’s unique method of creating physical theater. Culminates in end of session performance. new class! Taught by Elizabeth Klob and Maria Glanz, second companion class  Thursday at 4pm       
4pm     Modern Dance  (age 9-16) Learn the basics with Kathy, a great addition to aerial training, taught by Kathy Zybrck - new class!
4-5pm   Parkour Advanced(age 12-16) Learn advanced balance, strength and core strength required to run the parkour course, taught by Abraham McBride. 
5-6pm   Parkour Basics (ages 8-11) Basic parkour games and skills, taught by Abraham McBride
2:45-3:30 Creative Movers, ages 3-5 (45 minute class) - new students welcome! Taught by Sadie LeDonna; toddlers learn how to tumble, roll and create fun games and routines on floor mats - - a great pre-curser to circus gymnastics
3:30-5pm Stretch and Condition, taught by Sadie LeDonna - Learn stretching, conditioning and basic aerial preparation - new students welcome!                                                                 
3:30-5pm Circus Gymnastics 2, (age 10-16) Learn to roll, tumble, flip, handstands, cartwheels, strength, balance flexibility and fun circus skills, taught by Shawn Kellogg,
5pm  Circus Gymnastics Games (Age 6-8) Sadie and Shawn, basic gymnastics and circus games on mats including tumbling and balancing skills; a great precursor to aerial.                           
6pm  Handstands (teen- adult) Learn the balance and strength training required to achieve acro handstands.Taught by Shawn - new class!                                          
3:30-5pm Aerial Performance (by permission) taught by Sadie                                                      
5pm  Aerial 2 (by permission) taught by Sadie                                                             
4pm  Story to Stage, companion class taught by Elizabeth and Maria                                   
4pm  Aerial Intro B2 Kathy                                                   
5pm  Aerial Intro B3 Kathy                                                    
3:30  Open Gym (advanced aerial students only, 12 +) Sadie                                                 
3:30  Advanced Teen Acro  (12 + ) Learn flips, advanced acro moves and handstands. Taught by Shawn - new class!                                    
5pm  Aerial 1 (ages 9+) Intro Aerial as a prerequisite, taught by Sadie                                              
5pm  Circus Gymnastics 1 (ages 7-9) learn basic gymnastics moves, balance and tumbling taught by Shawn                                                               
6pm  Adult Acro  learn, core strength, acro moves, handstands, partner acro.Taught by Shawn Kellogg

Class costs (12 week session)

45  minute class                     $200

1 hour class                            $220

1.5 hour class                         $320

2 hour class                            $420

Second class   $200 (or second class for same family)

Limited scholarships available upon request

Private Classes available Upon Request

TO REGISTER; EMAIL YOUR CLASS REQUEST WITH THE AGE OF YOUR STUDENT TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


UMO School Choices

Aerial  Classes

UMO’s aerial classes foster incredible strength, flexibility, balance and focus, plus the fun of flying in the air. Includes work on various apparatus:  Tissue, sling, hoop, trapeze and rope.Students begin at age 8, continue from Intro A all the way through to Aerial performance, building their own routines for performance.Younger students interested in aerial should begin training in circus gymnastics, which preps them for aerial at age 8. 

Intro A  (age 8+), 4pm Monday

Intro B, 1,2,3 (age 8+), 5pm Monday, 4 & 5pm Thursday

Aerial 1  (age 10+)  5pm Friday

Aerial 2  (age 11+)  5pm Thursday

Aerial Performance  (age 12+)  3:30pm Thursday

Aerial Open Gym  (age 12+)  3:30pm Friday


UMO’s parkour classes include basic strength and flexibility and coordination while running, jumping, flipping and balancing!For beginners, parkour games includes all these skills in fun and engaging physical games. 

Basics  (8-11)  5pm Tuesday

Advanced  (12-16)  3:30- 5pm Tuesday

Circus Gymnastics

UMO’s circus gymnastics includes tumbling, mat tricks, stretching, strength training and eventually flipping and more difficult dynamic skills as students advance in technique and strength.This class also includes games and cooperation skills.Students mastering these skills and ready for the next level can advance to handstands, teen acro and adult acro classes.

CG Games  (6-8)  5pm Wednesday

CG 1  (7-9)  5pm Friday

CG 2  (10-16)  3:30-5pm Wednesday

CG Advanced teen  (by permission)  3:30-5pm Friday

Handstands  (15- adult)  6pm Wednesday

Adult Acro  6pm Friday

Other (NEW) offerings

Creative Movers (3-5)  2:45-3:30 Wednesday

This class is for young ones who are anxious to move and ready for games, tumbling and gaining more balance and agility. Taught by Sadie Ledonna

Modern Dance  (9+)  4pm Tuesday

For students taking aerial or circus gymnastics and who are not on a typical dance path.This gives them the structure and vocabulary to translate to graceful movement in the air. Taught by Kathy Zbryk

Story to Stage (10-16)  4pm Monday, 4pm Thursday

Learn the craft of writing, shaping and bringing your story to stage in UMO’s unique method of creating physical theater.  Culminates in end of session performance.  new class!  Taught by Elizabeth Klob and Maria Glanz.