A Dog Reviews the VIPP Fur ball

i am cooper. i am a dog. i am a good dog.

i am a rescue. rescue is when someone can’t take care of you, but then someone else comes and promises to take care of you.

cooper loves his friends at vipp. vipp stands for “very important person person.” my owner shaking head that that’s not right. but i know it stands for “very important person person” because the people who protect pets are so important you call them persons twice.

i always bark twice at squirrels.

i like to be a person. i put on glasses and voila am a person. (voila is french for good boy) i wear glasses and no one knows i am a dog. like superman. but for dogs.

dogman. i am dogman but don’t tell. i went to vipp party wearing glasses. no one could tell i’m a dog. so many very important person persons in in the room. so many people they had to stop selling tickets. but always room for dogman.

there was an auction. people talk very fast and it very noisy and exciting. at first i did not know what was going on. finally i understood. an auction is like playing fetch with a voice instead of a ball. then i had fun. very exciting for a dog to watch humans have fun the way i have fun playing fetch.

i bid on weeklong trip. did not win. sad dog.

i bid on a quilt and i win! happy dog. my owner thinks the quilt is for her but i know it really mine. i will make it mine.

thank you for the quilt, vipp. thank you for helping animals like me. thank you for making this video.


2018 VIPP Fur Ball from Elaine Summers on Vimeo.


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