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UMO School: Aerial Classes

Apr 1Apr 3

3:00 am

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April 13-June 5 UMO School Aerial Classes held at Open Space for Arts and Community 

Please visit the UMO School website to register for the April 13-June 5 Season

Young Aerial Tumblers:

In Young Aerial Tumblers, we’ll work mostly towards gaining the body awareness, focus and behavior required to move on to a higher level tumbling or aerial class. We will also work on strengthening basic shapes like hollow body, and plank, and developing some active flexibility. Each week we will start the class off with a warm up, then work on tumbling basics on the mat (straight, tuck, pike, and straddle jumps, forward and backward rolls, kick ups, and cartwheels). We’ll finish the class with work on the aerial sling, and then condition and cool down.

Mondays 4-5 pm
Ages 5-7

Intro to Aerial:

We will learn some fun basics on aerial sling and tissue as well as gaining the strength, active flexibility and mental focus required to move on to aerial 1. Students will work on conditioning their bodies specifically for aerial through learning body shapes like plank, hollow body, tuck, pike and straddle, as well as how to safely hang and invert. We will learn the basic aerial silks climb, and foot-lock and practice fun skills on sling and tissue.

Mondays 4-5pm

Mondays 5-6

Wednesdays 5-6

Ages 8+

Aerial 1:

We will build on the skills from Intro to Aerial. Students will continue to work on Strength and flexibility. The warm up routine becomes more challenging, more abdominal and upper body strength and endurance exercises. There is more focus on control and technique, no longer just moving thru the skills but doing them with form and grace. (Pointed toes, straight legs, extended lines) Students are introduced to different apparatus; trapeze, rope and hoop. By the end of at least 2 series of sessions in Aerial 1 or 2, students learn endurance by building a series of moves together in a routine. 2 classes per week are recommended as well as Strength Training or Modern Dance for advancement.

Tuesdays 5-6

Wednesdays 6-7

Thursdays 5-6

Ages 9+

Aerial 2/3:

Tuesdays 3:30-5

Wednesdays 3:30-5

Thursdays 3:30-5

Instructor Permission

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