Look for Open Space during GiveBIG 2021

A Day of Giving on Vashon

What is GiveBIG?

GiveBIG Washington is a fundraising event that starts with early giving on April 20 and culminates with a 48-hour public campaign on May 4 – May 5. Open Space is one of many Vashon mission-driven organizations participating.

GiveBIG is happening right now! Whether we’re #1 on your giving list or one of many, please take a moment and make Open Space for Arts and Community part of your GiveBIG plan.

Our goal is to reach 44 donors… would you be willing to pass this page along to help spread the word by “4warding” it to 4 friends?

Click here to visit our GiveBIG page!

Through GiveBIG, Vashon Island individuals, businesses, and organizations come together to invest in healing our communities. It is not only an opportunity to support our work, but to support nonprofits providing food, shelter, health, and social services; fighting for a more just world; expanding our horizons through art and learning; and many more valued missions. Learn more by visiting their website.