January/February 2020 Recap

Open Space

How is it that 2020 is flying by? We are certainly sad that these events are in the past, however, turning the page on January and February means that we are that much closer to Daylight Savings and return of sweet, sweet sunshine. In the meantime, we invite you to bask in the warm memories of our events of January and February!

ReNEWal Year’s Eve (December 31st 2019-January 1st, 2020)

renewal years eve

ReNEWal Year’s Eve – So technically this event began in December, but it ended in January so we’re COUNTING IT. 2019-2020 marked the fourth year of ReNEWal Year’s Eve at Open Space. It turned out to be our biggest yet! Partygoers split their time between revelry and rejuvenation. How, you ask? Revelry included live music from youth band Basement Tuesdays, plus 80’s New Wave from Little Creatures and Parallel Lines. Between sets, DJ Jon Shcroeder kept the party going in the Black Box. A VIP lounge and childcare until 10pm was also part of the fun. Those looking for a more mellow approach to the new year enjoyed sipping tea and cacao, relaxing in the sound immersion room and chill out zone, or even got a massage. We all know that the New Year’s holiday has a reputation for shenanigans. That’s why it’s such a pleasure for us to host a community-centric event that ushers in the new year with balance. We’re looking forward to seeing you in 11 months for round 5!

Click to enlarge ReNEWal Year’s Eve Photos Courtesy Michelle Bates


14/48 – Vashon Edition (January 24th & 25th, 2020)

14/48 is an opportunity each year for over 40 island and off-island artists to team up and test their skills! On Thursday, 14/48 participants chose a theme by completing this sentence: “Theater would be a lot more interesting if there were seven ten-minute plays about _____.” Friday’s theme was, “Found Wanting.” In the spirit of spontaneity, the Friday night audience selected Saturday night’s theme, “Hit Reset.” By the end of the weekend, participants created and performed 14 unique plays in 48 hours. This year’s 14/48 attracted and captivated the biggest Vashon Edition audience yet! In the words of a first-time attendee, “I could not believe how a show thrown together in 24 hours could make me laugh, cry, and think. I am totally blown away by how impressive each show was, and the fact that it was created under pressure is even more impressive.” We’re already looking forward to hosting 14/48 with our friends at Vashon Center for the Arts next year. Thank you to the amazing 14/48 creative team for making this happen!

Click here to learn more, see a list of this year’s participants and a copy of the programs!

Click to enlarge 14/48 Photos Courtesy Michelle Bates

ORBIT Teen Nights (January 11th and February 8th)

The second Saturday of the month means one thing at Open Space: It’s time for a shindig at ORBIT. It’s a night for high school age only youth to socialize, dance and express themselves. Dances are held on the second Saturday of each month at Open Space. January featured a local student band, and February was karaoke night. Follow the ORBIT page on our website for info about upcoming youth events!

Rizo (January 31st, 2020)

Back by popular demand, Rizo returned to Open Space. Formerly “Lady Rizo,” Rizo made the Open Space Grand Hall her stop between Seattle and Vancouver on her “Losing the Lady” tour along the West Coast. As a bonus treat, her new music video even dropped the day of her performance at Open Space. Lucky us!

It’s hard to describe the magic of a Rizo performance, so thank you to photographer Peter Welch for helping us to capture it visually!

We feel so fortunate that Rizo continues to return to her dedicated community of fans here on Vashon.





















































Photo Cred: Pete Welch

Thank you so much for making January and February such a special months for Open Space. We look forward to seeing you in March for The Detention Lottery and Larry Flynn’s Retirement Bash!


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