June 5, 2020 Newsletter and Statement

Open Space for Arts and Community stands in solidarity with black, indigenous, and people of color in the fight against systemic racism. We are listening, learning, and devoted to taking action to do what we can to dismantle racist institutions near and far.
We are furious about the death of George Floyd, as well as the violent response to protesters by precincts across the nation this week. The painful reality is that Mr. Floyd’s death was one of over one thousand deaths at the hands of police officers in the past year. A disproportionate number of those killed were black.
That was just last year. It is sickening to consider the injustices inflicted by white supremacy in this country year after year for over four centuries. Enough is enough.

Listen, Learn, Act. Don’t stop.

Art is not a substitute for meaningful policy change. Certainly, art alone will not demilitarize the police. However, as an arts and community organization, we believe in the power of art to influence change. To share perspectives. To inspire hope. Signs, songs, stories, graphics, podcasts, and videos of protest is art that grows movements and makes a difference.
Open Space for Arts and Community is renewing its commitment to promote justice and diversity in the arts and in our community. We hope that you too will consider creating, buying, sharing, and participating in art to this end.

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