In late 2020, !Attention! Artists at Work announced “The Literary Project,” a literary Flash Fiction/Prose Poetry Project by Island writers. !Attention! Artists at Work is an initiative by Open Space for Arts and Community designed to hire artists during the challenging economic circumstances caused by COVID-19. 31 artists participated in “The Literary Project,” 23 of whom were financially impacted by COVID-19 and compensated for their submissions.

Literary Project Authors

A. Norling, Amanda Kelly, Anna Shomsky, Camille Reeves, Claudia Hollander-Lucas, David Mielke, Delinda McCann, Emily Keiko Pruiksma, Heather Timken, Janie Starr, Jeffrey Zimmerman, John Sweetman & Seán Malone, John van Amerongen, Julia Harriet, Karen Neslon, Kathleen Dowling, Kathryn True, Katy E. Ellis, Laura Paul, Martha Enson, Mary Shackelford, Molly Kovite, Rowan Schroeder, Susan McCabe, Tara Reynoso, Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma, Vera Schoepe, William Stott

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