Learn about the artists, the panels, and the !Attention! Artists at Work program.

“The Mural Project”

“The Mural Project” is part of the !Attention! Artists at Work jobs program. !Attention! Artists at Work (AAW) is a jobs program led by Open Space for Arts and Community in partnership with local nonprofit organizations. The goal of the program is to hire artists who have been financially impacted by COVID-19 during this challenging economic time.

The first project of this initiative, “The Mural Project,” was inspired by large public art murals, as well as the AIDS quilt. Rather than one large painting, “The Mural Project” is a quilt of paintings, each as one-of-a-kind as our community. Over the summer, 21 local artists were commissioned to create 45 panels with the theme “Backyard Universe,” which is now on display at Open Space for Arts and Community.

Other projects within !Attention! Artists at Work is “Distance Dance” and The Literary Project. With your support, Open Space has invested $40,000 and commissioned 60 Vashon artists and artisans to make free public art since Spring 2020 as part of AAW. If you have enjoyed “The Mural Project” or are inspired by these projects, you can make a gift to the !Attention! Artists at Work program. You can also celebrate these Vashon initiatives by visiting our online store, where your purchases help fund our programming.

Visit the Mural Project by stopping by Open Space for Arts and Community (18870 103rd Ave SW, Vashon, WA 98070)

Mural Project Artists:

Bob Horsley, Odin Lonning, Kate Shinn, Hope Black, Robert Passig, Lenard Yen, Sharon Shaver, Rowan Schroeder, Madeleine Schroeder, Vera Schöpe, Carolina Silva, Jackie Merrill, Pedro Alvarez, Kathleen Webster, Kristen Reitz-Green, Cyra Jane, Lori Walters, Pearl Barry, Paulina Barry, Donna J Caulton,  Julia Montagnet.

Curation: Pascale Judet and Jiji Saunders

Thank you to our partners at Vashon Island Visual Artists (VIVA).

Artists by Panel:

Look below to see which artist created which panel. Click on the artist name to see their panels closer up, and learn more about the artist.

If you would like to see the artist names and graphic without having to scroll, or if you would like a printable version to take with you to the mural, please download our Panel Guide PDF.

A1.  Julia Montagnet

A2. Carolina Silva

A3. Sharon Shaver

A4. Donna J Caulton

A5. Paulina Barry

A6. Donna J Caulton

A7. Kristen Reitz-Green

A8. Kristen Reitz-Green

A9. Carolina Silva


B1. Paulina Barry

B2. Paulina Barry

B3. Pearl Barry

B4. Sharon Shaver

B5. Lori Walters

B6. Cyra Jane

B7. Madeleine Schroeder

B8. Madeleine Schroeder

B9. Carolina Silva


C1. Jackie Merrill

C2. Cyra Jane

C3. Kristen Reitz-Green

C4. Kathleen Webster

C5. Pedro Alvarez

C6. Pedro Alvarez

C7. Odin Lonning

C8. Jackie Merrill

C9. Carolina Silva


D1. Lenard Yen

D2. Vera Schöpe

D3. Robert Passig

D4. Madeleine Schroeder

D5. Hope Black

D6. Rowan Schroeder

D7. Sharon Shaver

D8. Lenard Yen

D9. Bob Horsley


E1. Odin Lonning

E2. Robert Passig

E3. Robert Passig

E4. Robert Passig

E5. Hope Black

E6. Kate Shinn

E7. Odin Lonning

E8. Odin Lonning

E9. Bob Horsley