Vashon High School Students Share Photos From Tolo at Open Space

At the end of March, Open Space hosted Vashon High School’s Tolo dance. “Tolo went fabulous and we are so glad we choose to have our event at O-Space!” shared Emily Levin.

We love being a space where the community can gather—if you’d like to host your event at Open Space, learn more about our venue capabilities on our rental page!

Here are a few photos that students shared with us after the Tolo dance:“Had so much fun, definitely the best night ever!” -Maddie Odegard

“One of the best dances I’ve been to! A beautiful venue!” -Alexia Taisey

“The decorations, sound quality and atmosphere at O-Space made for a fun night” -Ava Bostock

“The O-Space was a great place to have Tolo! Also they helped us with setting up the dance, and had many fun and brilliant ideas for decorating!”- Chris Fontina


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