What does it mean to be an open space?

Our friends and partners at Civic Rep are hard at work rehearsing Dragon Country, which opens November 8 at Open Space for Arts & Community?

We are so excited to help them share their vision for theatre with our community, especially these four short works by Tennessee Williams—a rare opportunity for any fan of the theater.

This partnership is also a chance for us to reflect on our name. We strive to be an open space for arts & community and this partnership is a perfect example of why we chose the name Open Space.

What does an open space have? It has room for theatre ensembles to stage their shows. Room for small groups to run their rehearsals. Room for artists who want to try new and interesting things. Room for an audience eager to discover art that will engage and move them.

Each room at Open Space is adaptable and transformable and fill the need of each rehearsal or performance. And as they are used and loved, you can feel how much the space—the open space—is a part of our core experiences: art. heart. soul.

When a new partner like Civic Rep helps to fill an open space, they are helping us live this mission.

We hope you can join us for Dragon Country and welcome Civic Rep to Vashon.

Captions: L. Zane Jones directing “I Can’t Imagine Tomorrow” for Civic Rep’s upcoming production. Also pictured Maria Glanz and David Mielke. Photos: Peter Serko


  1. Can’t begin to express how much gratitude I have for all you are doing at Open Space to support and welcome us! This is just the beginning 🙂

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