An Open Space Initiative to put Artists to Work and Create Public Art

!Attention! Artists at Work (AAW) is a jobs program led by Open Space for Arts and Community in partnership with local nonprofit organizations. The goal of the program is to hire artists who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The AAW program is comprised of a series of public art projects, including The Mural Project, Distance Dance, The Literary Project, and the Tiny Fairy House Project.

All projects sponsored through AAW are free to the public and are designed to be accessible to anyone on the Island. Investing in public art now will put food on artists’ tables, create public art for all islanders, and send a message to the future.

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Inspiration for !Attention! Artists at Work

The US has a strong history of successfully putting artists and artisans back to work during hard times. During the Great Depression, Roosevelt did it through the Works Progress Administration (WPA). In the 1970s, CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act) offered artists and artisans meaningful work at fair wages. The resulting artwork stands as a testament to the strength and solace art lends during adversity as well as a message from the past. !Attention! Artists at Work is inspired by the successes of these Federal programs.

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